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Now you have a, it's time to share it everywhere. Here we explain where you can use it, and how to add your URL to some of the most popular places.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are more ways you can make use of your

- In your Instagram bio

- As your Twitter bio link, or in each of your tweets

- Under your YouTube vids to encourage audience discovery and engagement

- In your TikTok profile

- In your Facebook bio and in your Messenger chats

- On your Pinterest

- In your blog bio or on your Tumblr

- On your Github bio

- On texts to link pals to your content

- On your LinkedIn profile

- In your resume/CV and on job applications that ask for your website or portfolio

- On your business card

- In your email signature

- On your Twitch stream

- In your Soundcloud sidebar

- On shop signage or your posters so that customers can connect with you and find events

- On merch for that lifelong engagement

- On your car bumper sticker

- In your Depop profile

- As your website, because you’re a small biz and websites take some effort

Copying your URL

1. Login to your admin here

2. To the right of your URL, you'll see 'Copy' icon

3. Click 'Copy' to copy and then paste what ever you want.

4. Other option click in the three vertical dots and  select 'QR code' to help bring your offline visitors online. 

Read more about QR codes here

How to share your URL online see here

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