How to add a Music Link

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Our Music Link allows you to show your audience all the places where they can stream your music. By making it easier for your audience to choose the platform they want to listen to your music means they are more likely to listen and you get more streams!

How does it work?

Follow the steps below to add a music link:

1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard

2. Click ‘Add Block’  and then "Link" 

3. Copy your music link URL and then paste your URL in the URL field

4. If you want to add a video click "Add Block->Youtube" and then paste your URL in the URL field

5. You can reorder the streaming services in the order that you would like them to appear by using the three vertical dots on the left-hand side of each option

Tip: On the PRO subscription, you can see which music services are most popular with your visitors by viewing the Link Analytics for your Music Link.

See the video below to learn step by step and discover more features

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