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This is a PRO feature

A Leap Link bypasses your profile and sends your visitors directly to one link of your choosing for a set period of time. With Leap Links you truly never need to swap out your bio link again.

Use Leap Links when you want to send all your visitors to the same exact place. Use Leap Links for all your hype moments.

The best part is Leap Links are counted in your analytics and Facebook audience integrations.

When should I use a Leap Link?

Leap Links are great for timely events and occasions when you want all eyeballs in one place. For example:

- An album or single launch

- A new podcast episode

- Tickets to your show go on sale

- You launch your new website

- A sale on your products

- Your latest video

- You have some breaking news

Benefits of Leap Links

- You can still measure all of your visitors and clicks through your dashboard.

- You can use your Facebook Pixel integration to build audiences in Facebook and Instagram. - All your visitors that click on your when it is a Leap Link will still be recorded in all your integrations.

- You can set specific go-live times for your Leap LInk, so your launch is ready precisely when you want it to be.

- You don't have to update your bio link! Your profile will automatically restore once your Leap Link expires and display all of your links.

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