How to link a pdf MENU or file with your

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The first thing you need to do is find where to host your pdf file. 

Your Restaurant MENU.

We will suggest you the easiest and most direct way to do this

You can host your in any drive and cloud hosting platform

google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc.

For google drive

Share your Google Drive files publicly with no sign in required

1. Select the blue Share button in the top right-hand side of your chosen Drive file.

2. Select > Advanced in the bottom right-hand side, select > Change.

3. You'll see a range of Link Sharing options.

4. Choose > On - public on the web > Choose Save.

5. Click Done.

6. Copy and paste the sharing link in your link block

For one drive sharing files please visit microsoft support here

For dropbox users read here how to share a file 


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see here an example and how they use it THE GARDENISTA

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